DELIVER is a leading supply chain management pioneer powered by blockchain.

DELIVER blockchain network

DELIVER is not just a technology, shippers, banks, logistics service providers and authorities all come together to create a community. This community aims to increase ease, flexibility and ultimately the productivity of their operations.

DELIVER ease of use

DELIVER is a service where each company only has to tap once (also known as the on-tap approach) and they are connected to the powerful network of other companies. This ease of use is described as a breakthrough by many and will revolutionize how companies operate.

Proof of concept

The stage of the proof of concept has recently ended for DELIVER. The Port of Rotterdam and Samsung SDS have signed for an extended collaboration for the next phase of the DELIVER project.

DELIVER’s goal

The goal is to enhance supply chain transparency and efficiency which will save millions of euros in the long term. This will be possible when the objective to reach an open, independent and global cargo shipping platform is reached.

Port Agencies Rotterdam

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