PortXL and the Port of Rotterdam


Logo PortXL

PortXL is a company founded in 2015 in the port of Rotterdam. it’s vision is to revolutionize the maritime industry with fresh and innovative ideas.

PortXL is an ecosystem of startups, corporate partners and mentors – all changemakers, creative thinkers and problem solvers who work collaboratively to disrupt the status quo.

Is a sentence we found on their website.

After a few years of establishing they now have scouted over a thousand start-ups and are growing quickly with plans to move to even more ports in the near future.

PortXL is a three month accelerator program in which fledgling firms receive intensive coaching from mentors and experts from the private sector. This support is intended to supercharge the further development of their initiative.

Port of Rotterdam and PortXL

The Port of Rotterdam set up letters of intent for four innovative and fresh start-ups which will work on smarter, sustainable and more efficient ideas and products.

These companies are:

They will all work together with the Port of Rotterdam to push the maritime sector forward.


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