Man declared 2000 overtime hours, but now has to repay 86,000 euros

Man declared 2000 overtime hours The man had worked for the Port Authority since 1980. In the department responsible for the quality of the ports and waterways. Because he photographs in his spare time, he was asked to occasionally take a picture of the harbor. Yet the man continued to submit claims, which were also…

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Largest shipment of cocao beans ever in Amsterdam port

Largest shipment of cocao beans ever in Amsterdam port The ship the MV Teal Bay brought 22,300 tons of cocoa beans to Katoen Natie in the Westhaven this week. It is the largest shipment of cocoa beans ever to arrive in the port of Amsterdam. The ship, from Ghana, was unloaded in a few days…

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Methamfetamine (Crystal Meth)

Record amount of methamfetamine seized in Rotterdam warehouse

Two weeks ago (26-07-2019) a record amount of 2.5 tonnes of methamfetamine was found and seized near the Port of Rotterdam. According to narcotics, this is the largest seizure of this drug made in Europe. The police said that in a follow up raid on a warehouse they found 17.500 liters of chemicals to clean…

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Port of Rotterdam

PortXL and the Port of Rotterdam

PortXL PortXL is a company founded in 2015 in the port of Rotterdam. it’s vision is to revolutionize the maritime industry with fresh and innovative ideas. PortXL is an ecosystem of startups, corporate partners and mentors – all changemakers, creative thinkers and problem solvers who work collaboratively to disrupt the status quo. Is a sentence…

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DELIVER is a leading supply chain management pioneer powered by blockchain. DELIVER is not just a technology, shippers, banks, logistics service providers and authorities all come together to create a community. This community aims to increase ease, flexibility and ultimately the productivity of their operations. DELIVER ease of use DELIVER is a service where each…

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