Largest shipment of cocao beans ever in Amsterdam port

Largest shipment of cocao beans ever in Amsterdam port

The ship the MV Teal Bay brought 22,300 tons of cocoa beans to Katoen Natie in the Westhaven this week. It is the largest shipment of cocoa beans ever to arrive in the port of Amsterdam. The ship, from Ghana, was unloaded in a few days and the beans were stored in the sheds.

“The amount of cargo that is unloaded varies from time to time, but this is outstanding.” says Eugene Bleekemolen, commercial director of Katoennatie Amsterdam.

During unloading, the beans were stored in Katoen natie’s new bulkcocoa sheds. The cocoa beans are then delivered partly by truck but mainly by inland vessel to the cocoa processing industries, in this case OFI (Olam Food Ingredients) and Cargill.



Climate initiatives

Not only the amount of cargo plays a role at Katoen Natie. Endurable is also a top priority. For example, all roofs are equipped with solar panels.


(Bron:,  Foto: New Energy Systems)


The warehouses are also equipped with sensors with LED lighting and all forklifts are electric.

Watch here the unloading of the ship.